Hello. My name is Rachel. I live in London and I write poetry. This is my poetry blog. Do feel free to have a wander through it.

For me, poems pop up naturally and haphazardly, like plants, so I’ve decided to tidy them up a bit, weed out the unsightly ones and arrange the good ones in beds of creativity for others to enjoy. (Yes, I do like a metaphor.)

All poems, writing and photos are mine (apart from a few parodies and a few posts featuring quotations, which are acknowledged in situ). Please be decent and don’t steal them. You are welcome to ask about them if you want more info.

Excitingly and flatteringly, I have had some poems published by the nice folks at Proost: firstly as part of their anthology of fringe, faith-based poems ‘Learning to Love‘, and more recently in my own book ‘Poetic Justice‘ (see here for US version).

The second anthology, ‘Reaching for Mercy’, is now out (as of August 2018), featuring four of mine and many others.

*UPDATE APRIL 2018* Some poems are password protected. If you have bought Poetic Justice (thank you), you will find that the title of the final poem in that book unlocks these posts. Just a little bonus for you loyal supporters :)

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