Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre

Creeping up to the give way line

Sudden personal clarity.

Everything’s a crossroads now

This job or that, or back to the other.

At some certain point you choose.


I don’t like being so binary.

Your eyes are blue in this light but still green

and if they asked me I couldn’t swear either way

But I do know how they watch me.


So what do I do at this point?

Do I take this opening, this exit or pass it up?

And will there be another chance?

I don’t know.

I drive on instinct;

It feels right so I pursue it.

Well, what use is it agonising

when you have to make the choice?

This seems unlike me

Well, not the intuition

But the conviction to use it

and not fear being thought subjective.

Everything is, anyway. There’s no neutral

and we all just justify what we want.

So why not you.

Why not.



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