If a tree falls, or Modern Existential Philosophy pt. I

If a brunch happens in a cafe

and nobody there Instagrams it

Did it really happen?


If your friendship is not enshrined online

alongside a line gushingly praising mine

are we even good friends?


If you ask me how my day was

standing unmoved, face downwards, tapping at your phone

would you notice if I said anything strange?


If I say I am a Christian

but in no way behave differently in public from any other Clapham yuppie

(bar maybe not sleeping with folks unmarried)

am I really a Christian?


If you claim to know Good News(TM)

that is life-giving and exciting

but you do not get round to telling anyone

as you are too busy socialising with others from your holy huddle

Is it really good news

and do I believe it?

If someone complains about a problem that threatens people’s lives

inattention to which is clearly selfish, but also easy and cheap,

and I decide to ignore and disregard it,

does the problem go away?


If a woman walked away from a church

and nobody paid any attention

was she ever there at all?