Holistic Gospel

I used to think
That Life had a narrative
I AM and his purposes were divine
If rarely divined
By us little mere mortals
But now sometimes I don’t know.

I cannot believe in your
Parking space theology
A biased ‘mates’ rates’,
you’re-on-the-list-you-jump-the-queue system.
I’m not saying God’s Providence is democratic
But certain blessing seems questionable from a God of the Poor
Who was born to be a refugee.

The Gospel is about salvation, yes
But it’s about so much MORE.
Bringing the Kingdom; on EARTH, not just in Heaven
And that means getting stuck in,
here and now, in our surroundings.
Who is my neighbour?
Maybe it’s Nature
as well as your colleagues
or the lady who lives next door.
Maybe we’re not just saved to sing
but to share in life, in all its fullness
and not just to perpetuate
middle-class culture.
Surely the cross was a victory
because it was a starting point.


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