Noli me tangere

John 20:17
Koine Greek: Μή μου ἅπτου
Latin: Noli me tangere
“Stop clinging onto me”


I understand, you know:

the need of the feminine to cede to men

of which we were warned at the Fall

is a consequence not a curse,

though that doesn’t make it any less.

Nor does my human grasping for security, stability

necessarily indicate what is best for me.

But a tangible bird in the hand

is worth two in the prophesied future bush

and in the uncertainty we like to set more store

in those logical odds than in the word of our Lord.

So we cling to the devils we know

adhering to known quantities



But time doesn’t stand still

and you can’t hold on to the wind

And the Spirit will not be hemmed in

So sooner or later

Ideally before we return to our Maker

We have to let go.