Small voice

Why is it not the noisy ones

The ones who get the most press

Who are speaking out for the poor?

Or is it the other way round –

Why is it not the ones who are poor

who get the airtime?


God is not always in the thunder

of the amps and the guitars

the clean shaven white boys and drummers in cages.

He is in the cold, draughty barns

with the old ladies and the disabled

Huddling to cling in worship

To their hope in a God who hears.

He doesn’t need to be heard by the loud ones;

They have enough warmth and comfort on their own.

Away! away with the noise of your guitars

This is true religion;

Orphans and women

Not cool; but kind.

Listen, Church; listen.

God’s not yelling,

he’s whispering.