Narrow paths

Sometimes it feels

like you’re halfway up a mountain in the dark

and it’s started raining.

And you wonder

Will I really see the sunrise?

How my feet are aching

And some people gave up and got the train.

Choosing short-term gratification over pain.

(And I almost don’t blame them.)


For we must be Christopher, Simon, Theotokos

Daily taking up our crosses to follow in Jesus’ wake.

Walking the narrow path, our Via Dolorosa

Choosing every day to lay ourselves down;

Dying to ourselves, to live.

This life price of sacrifice

It’s not going to be for everyone.


It’s still Friday

not yet Sunday

And yes some days

when pressure is relentless

and the world ageing frustrates us

It takes guts to keep going

and I see crosses on every tree.

Photo copyright of @JamesOMCraig and used with permission


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