Common irregular verbs

(With thanks to Yes Minister)


I stand by my convictions.

You are stubborn.

S/he is intolerant.


I am having a bad day.

You are making excuses.

S/he is incompetent.


I am shy.

You are awkward.

S/he is just unfriendly.


I am being serious/considerate/thoughtful/sensitive.

You might need to learn how to take a joke.

S/he is a humourless fuddy-duddy who needs to lighten up.


I am a maverick/innovator.

You are unorthodox.

S/he is a weirdo.


I am a protester/freedom fighter.

You are rocking the boat.

S/he is a troublemaker/pariah/rebel.


I am just telling you what I heard.

You are just saying it out of concern for them.

S/he is gossiping.


I am being picked on.

You are receiving criticism.

S/he is refusing to listen to advice.


I have a right to be here.

You are a hard-working citizen.

S/he has come here to steal our jobs.


I am rightfully cautious.

You need to be braver.

S/he is a coward.


I am having some temporary cash-flow problems.

You are in between jobs/suffering some financial difficulties.

S/he must be a workshy, lazy scrounger to be receiving state benefits.


I am a special and unique person.

You are alright and deserve some respect.

S/he is scum.


I am right/know best

You are misguided.

S/he is wrong.


I think I’ve got those right. Have I missed any? Irregular verbs are always tricky…


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