An Ode to Clapham Junction

Lithe electric tigers

Midsections thick with swaying bodies

Glide along, converging, diverging, a dance along the tracks

Hiss past Vauxhall and whoop into Clapham

Doorways gasp and heave out people

disgorging commuters as plenty more swarm

round their panting mouths,

waiting like fidgety flies for a carcass.

Rickety rumble from the Junction jungle

Ferrous fauna in a railway rainforest

Well-trodden trails

Trains make these rails

sing with life.


Song of Enchantment

Your smile is the sun
and your eyes are tranquil pools
in which it is reflected
Your hair is a nest
A shaggy bramble patch
with which my mind’s entangled
Your nose is a slope
like a Parker pen lid tip
on which there are nice freckles.
Look, I don’t know how to finish this, I’ve lost my train of thought now ‘cos I’m all flustered but I think what I’m saying is you’re really quite lovely looking and I seem to have a bit of a crush on you.

There. That’ll do.

The Great Permission

Go out into all the world

make disciples

as I have shown you

But tread your own path

through the hayfields of life

And harvest what ye may

and whomever ye may find.


You have followed my lead, apprentices

But now you must graduate

But I will not leave you as orphans

I am with you in Spirit

And you will never be abandoned.

In John Lewis, in Argos, and unto the end of the retail park.

The Great Commission

is a release

The Shepherd lets out his sheep

To graze, roam & spread out over new pasture.

But it’s up to you which patch of grass you pick.

For freedom I have set you free, not religious tyranny.

“Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

In the name of Christ, amen.”