Between the lines

Reading between the lines

there could be rows I suppose

Nothing I need concern myself with

But that doesn’t mean I don’t.

Reading between the lines

is quite the fruitless exercise

like dotting the i’s

in my vocabulary book.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t look.

Reading between the lines

She and you is either five or four

With what he told me as 2

and how you met 2 more.

Reading between the lines

is driving me mad and keeping me up

and even though it’s no longer my cup

that doesn’t mean I don’t drink it.

Reading between the lines

I’m not winning here.

Maybe it’s best I turn the page…


Gated Community

If no one is to come in

why have a gate?

Why not just make it a fence and have done with it?


You know, when some people say things,

it makes you wonder whether

they really want ANYONE to come in?

Or certainly question the divine commitment to

equal soteriological opportunities.

Call me heretical, a slapdash liberal, but

I don’t think that sounds like God.

Sure, the way is narrow, and you gotta take up your cross

But what if anyone willing, anyone who wants it

anyone who means what they say,

the pearly gate opens to them?

Would that be so terrible?

Why would you place stumbling blocks on their path?

Is life really just one long entrance exam?

Maybe security IS as tight as they say.

I dunno. I’ve always thought that

the phrase ‘gated community’

is a bit of an oxymoron.

Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

(The name of an album by Paloma Faith)

A rich young ruler comes to Jesus, says, ‘what can I do to be saved?’

You won’t like it, he thinks.

The ugly, naked truth.

Not that the truth isn’t beautiful and beauty isn’t true, but there are just some pills you can’t sugarcoat.

And in this instance, you can either have pretty or you can have truth.

You can cling to your money, your precious, or you can invest in the Bank of Heaven and walk away today penniless.

Which is it to be?

And you – you today, YOU:

What would you do?