Life Begins

(written at the 40th Greenbelt festival in August 2013)

Life begins

before conception, when a Holy Trinity love each other very much and want to invite you to the party.

Life begins

with the sight of a baby in a sling being sung to by her father.

Life begins

in some fields near Cheltenham where you can find a little patch of home.

Life begins

with music and dancing and celebration.

Life begins

when people put past cares behind them and grasp a clean slate.

Life begins

when for the first time in months when you hear

“you give and take away”

you can at last sing

“my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name”

and mean it.

Life begins

with new connections and old recollections with cups of ale and gales of laughter.

Life begins

when you let go of the day-to-day drudgery,

cry yourself silly in the arms of a friend,

before laughing yourself happy in the arms of Jesus.

Life begins

when you find yourself not doing what you might have expected

and instead tagging along on a whim with fellow travellers for an unscripted adventure

and are extremely glad that you did.

Life begins

when something else has ended or died, often, like a phoenix from its ashes.

Life begins

when you recognise you only have a finite length of time at your disposal,

so many opportunities and choices all the time

but this isn’t so that you sit paralysed in indecision

it’s so you relish in the richness of it all and try and squeeze the best out of it

whilst still making time for the ordinary-yet-potentially-hallowed times

of unplanned nothing-muchness.

Life begins

when you acknowledge and accept that pain and doubt and uncertainty and all manner of darkness

may not be ignored or wished away

and that even without it always lessening

you can live through & with it.

Life begins

with a dawning hope that all will be well one day, somehow

and everything until then is just the journey.

Life begins

with glorious, terrifying freedom.

Life begins







Double you ex

We used our words to woo

Wasting our breath on wondering words;

weaving the wind, wrought rhymes from wishes

But wisdom brought woe

Oh why did I

weakly waver

when I knew we couldn’t win?

One day I will weigh what I say

and wait til day

before I wade in, waist-deep

and watch my heart float away.