Ode to an Unknown Rah

For (and on behalf of) Jo

Shall I compare thee to a charva?

They’re not my type – need I go much farther?

You’re much more dapper and quiffy

I’d make a pass at you when squiffy


Your mulberry trousers are a thing of wonder

And don’t get me started on what lies under

That crisp white shirt – ooh, stop it, Jo!

Your plummy-voiced chuckle sets me aglow


Can’t get enough of you upper-class rogues

Right down to your patent leather brogues

Looking perfectly, immaculately dishevelled

Your flushed pink cheeks leave me bedeviled


I doubt you’ve ever been poor

Walking your big black labrador

Chin-wagging with your pals from Chelsea

But I’d warm you like an Aga

If you’d buy me a lager

At a local classy drinking establishment…