Streamlines of intersecting chatter & banter

A million microblogs pulsing and buzzing with novelty or eccentricity

Incandescent by day, idly juggling work to follow the bird

still bright by night when foreigners and insomniacs keep it surging restlessly onwards

This is the sound of voices intertwining, combining, coinciding and diverging

discussing the deepest issues of the day

or maybe just the funniest


A virtual street corner in the palm of my hand, at the click of a key

The instant Roman forum in your phone.

Tribes and strains and creeds all clamouring to be seen

Practising and developing the art of concise communication

the slick soundbyte, quick quips and wit


Welcome to the Twittersphere

a bustling biome in a chatty corner of cyberspace

All of life lurks here.

A democratic microcosm

like a tiny parliament of 140 MPs

desperate to get themselves trending


Hashtag games, breaking news,

Twisted trolls, media dolls, dear friends and do-I-know-yous

and just the occasional




RT@raquelita_e #Areyouwithme?

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