Glimpses of glory

Sometimes in one moment I get a feeling about my friends that I can’t really describe in one word.

It’s like most of the time you’re a roaring, crackling hearth fire

Warm and orange and full of wheezing, chuckling, babbling little vivacious flames.

Normal, real, great for comfort and general warmth but not producing anything dramatically brilliant

but once in a while, out of the blue, you give off a spark of purity like someone’s chucked a speck of magnesium in. FLASH.

And I just marvel.

Sure, sometimes you annoy me, or bore me, or just, you know, meh

Hey, we’re all human. It’s OK.

And I’m not saying you’re actually God

But sometimes I can see him in you for a split second and it blows me away

And I remember why I’m friends with you

And that it is God that you’re living for

This is normally how it happens

We’re doing something together, just something ordinary

Walking, cooking, studying together, and chatting

Messing about probably. Anyway.

Then you say something

Something, whatever it is, so perfectly honorable, noble, selfless, so wise

That I stop quiet, awestruck

I glance at you from under my lashes, astonished

You’ve not noticed, presumably because it’s something so natural to you, you’ve not even thought

You just said it like it is, or like it is to you

Humbled and a little bit awkward, realising I’m with someone with even just that drop of pure goodness,

with a thought that excellent and pure that wouldn’t even occur to me,

all of a sudden I feel so fiercely proud and extremely tender towards you

that I’m almost swept away with the urge to squeeze you and tell you how impressed I am

And burst out with an ‘Oh-you’re-wonderful-and-I-love-you-so-much!’

Because, and especially in that moment, you are and I do.

Now how can I say that without sounding like an absolute idiot?