Nothing (a poem)

Rachel, 2012 – inspired by William, 1598

I never thought this would go anywhere

But you never know, it might

We have always had that tension

That chemistry, a meeting of wits

Oh yes, I know you of old.

As wrote a wise Midlands man long ago,

All hearts in love use their own tongues

And our tongues are sharpened each time we speak

So that nigh every word stabs

I wonder, have I wounded you?

Sometimes you pierce a chink and I flinch back

Yet I know you are a good man secretly, and you mean nothing

It’s just your way

For thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably

But then that night

when we met at the church and dined together

You seemed to let your guard down an inch or two

I glimpsed the true depth of your heart

and something of God shone through.

Your passions, frustration,

ignited the flames I’d been quashing:

embers blazed, stirred once more.

But you did not press me

(though, a gentleman, showed me back.)

You are a logical enigma

Old and young at once, somehow

Half the jester, half the sage

Good yet bad, bad – in a good way?

Oh, I know your mind is too fine for me

Yet your words so eloquent and clear

Fail to articulate your heart

And as I stare into your deep brown eyes

All I want to do is to wrap my arms around you

And tell the angst-scarred heart inside

that I know, I know how you feel

The world cannot make us whole.

I imagine our paths will cross once again

The world is too small for us not to

At least in the circles we live and move in

But I will see you in a different light

You’re a knight in disguise, but I’ll know

As for how (or not) you regard me…

Who knows? Man is a giddy thing, and that is my conclusion.



Broth of Heaven

An ode to soup, to the tune of Cwm Rhondda

When I need a bowl of something healthy

then I make a vat of soup.

Chopping carrots and an onion

Letting scattered thoughts regroup

Amber nectar

Health protector

with some buttered tiger bread

with some buttered tiger bread.


Open now the pack of herby goodness

when the verdant leaf comes from.

Full of fibre, manganese and iron

blended up to sup upon.



I will never tire of thee

I will never tire of thee.